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Bad News: Nothing lasts forever.
Good News: Nothing lasts forever.
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Porn is Too much. Someone could’ve eaten those apples, but instead you put them all in your Asshole? Who will eat them now? I won’t

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Hades speaks to me on a spiritual level

why does tumblr always relate to the satan of every fandom

Because it’s easier to identify with a flawed character then some kind of ultra human the hero normally is portrayed as.

Possibly also because Satan figures in media typically live in dark holes in the ground, spend most of their time laughing at others’ misfortunes, and communicate primarily by means of passive-aggressive snark.

That last comment

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I went to a Women Who Rock exhibit today and it was totally gnarly.

(in order: Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, Stevie Nicks, Kim Deal, Patti Smith)

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